Private yoga benefits students of all levels and experiences. One-on-one sessions with Yvonne will be tailored to your specific body and needs, providing you with more personalized attention, hands-on adjustment and guidance than you would receive in a larger group setting.

Whether you are looking to build strength and confidence, release physical tension/stress, deepen your understanding of alignment principles, explore subtle energetic practices, or find support for physical injury, Yvonne will create a customized, holistic program to address your goals and interests.

When I first began yoga, I lacked flexibility and struggled through many of the poses. With Yvonne’s natural intuition for human movement, we identified key areas that were limiting my body’s ability to move fluidly - my hips, back and shoulders. Each week, Yvonne builds a yoga practice tailored to focus on these areas and challenges me to go beyond my comfort zone. In just a few short months, I have reached new levels of flexibility, balance and focus that I never thought possible. My body has undergone a complete transformation thanks to Yvonne, and working with her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. -Jason C, San Francisco


Having worked 10+ years in a high-stress corporate environment, Yvonne knows firsthand the pressures that employees face in today's workplace.

Bringing yoga to your office can help promote the overall wellbeing of employees, enhance productivity, and increase levels of happiness and satisfaction. On-site yoga classes make it easy for your employees to incorporate healthy and mindful activity into their workday. Yvonne's yoga classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners, and are customized to the needs of your employees. 

Working in advertising can be extremely stressful and demanding, causing me to never have any ME-time throughout the day. But taking Yvonne’s class for an hour a week really gave me my sanity back. It was truly a time for me to relax, decompress, and find peace within myself. Yvonne is an amazing teacher. She really understands that everyone has different physical capabilities and modifies poses to meet every student’s different needs. -Silbi S.