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Clearing the Blocks: Body, Mind, Spirit

We all experience blocks that can, at some point, negatively impact our well being and experience of life. However it may manifest - physical, mental, emotional or energetic - the signs are there. We feel stuck, but don’t know how or can’t find the way out.

How can we get un-stuck? Let’s begin to shift our own gears the yogic way! Harness the Prana (vital energy) in the body with asana, kriya, pranayama, and mantra, and obliterate old blocks and interference.

In this workshop, we will explore potent yogic techniques to rejuvenate and purify the body and mind of old limitations and delve into new realms of self and personal freedom.

Guided by Seva Simran Singh & Yvonne Kingsley, you will be lead through a cleansing vinyasa flow, kundalini kriya, intention setting meditation and healing gong relaxation.

This course qualifies for credit in the Yoga Tree Continuing Education Program.

Yoga Tree Castro
Sunday, August 4th 2019

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