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Throughout the ups and downs in my life, yoga has been both an anchor and a lighthouse - a place to return home to and a guide for the journey ahead. The practice has shown me how to embrace and embody my authentic self. The practice has taught me to sit with discomfort and not knowing. The practice reminds me every day to show up, work with what I’ve got and do the best I can. From my own experience and what I've witnessed in so many others, I truly believe that the holistic approach of yoga gives us the tools to live with purpose and meaning.

After leaving a marriage and decade-long career in advertising, I stepped onto the path of teaching, not realizing at the time this path would change the course of my life. I completed my initial 500HR Vinyasa/Kundalini training with Kia Miller, diving deep into pranayama, kriya, mantra and meditation. I continue to develop my understanding of functional alignment, anatomy and sequencing, recently completing an advanced 500HR training with Jason Crandell.

I teach a grounded and meditative vinyasa flow. My classes are built around intelligent sequencing that brings attention to both physical alignment and subtle body awareness. I encourage my students to be curious and open-minded about their experience, continuously exploring the balance between steadiness and ease. As a teacher, my heartfelt intention is to guide, support and uplift others as they navigate their own unique path towards clarity, peace and wholeness.

As a complete novice, I originally approached yoga with equal amounts of skepticism and self-doubt. However, under Yvonne’s firm, yet gentle guidance, I have come to fully embrace yoga which has in turn changed my life. Yvonne has a natural teaching ability that enables her to easily bring forth the best in her students. -Barbara L